Rollin' (feat. Faye Webster)




The first official single from my forthcoming album Mankind.
Awful Records 2017.

Official Music Video


Ethereal [Verse 1]

Fully loaded, fully loaded
Pull up in that candy coated
I can't leave the house I'm smokin'
That's my sauce boy you stole it
Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, wit' bout' 4 chicks
watchin' old flicks
Thinkin' bout' how I used to move them bags, prayin' I could move them old zips
Do you know what cold is, my eyes seen it all
Frozen nigga, shoutout Coodie Breeze, all my niggas ball
Eezy hit me up I'm tryna work, I can't even call
All these niggas Soulja Boys, I can't fuck wit' y'all
Too much sodium, niggas can't stand at my podium
Goddamn how Young Eezy go so dumb, I'm the chosen one
On my mama I ain't went 100 I do this for fun
Killin' all these rappers sittin' down, I might roll a blunt
Niggas look down at the god, I do not look up
If you lazy boy you is a clown get up and get you some
I be in the field kissin' babies dappin' niggas up
Young Eezy for Mayor of Atlanta man I just might run

Ethereal [Verse 2]

Ima change the world, don't believe me mane watch me do it
Yo raps made me hurl, heard yo album I ain't goin' thru it
I could take yo girl, I'ma chill though, I ain't gon' prove it
Pulled that strap on me in my heart, I knew he wasn't gon' shoot it
I'ma stand up guy from Atlanta, keep that hammer
All my guns in my name now I'm legal come get blammered
Came straight off the porch had to take it as a blessin'
All my niggas did that dirt, now I'm tellin' them no stressin'
That's how a nigga came in from the bottom
Niggas talkin' foreigns, but I want that old model
RIP Bankroll, mane we lost a role model
On that open road bout to hit the open throttle


released March 22, 2017
Written by Ethereal and Faye Webster.
Produced and mixed by Ethereal.
Awful Records 2017



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